Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Co-Productions | 2011, June 16

Last First Week

written by Anna Papst, Lorenz Langenegger (Switzerland), Ákos Németh (Hungary)

An old, abandoned school. The summer break is not yet over. But why is Armin going to school everyday anyway? And what is Mr. Fiedler
still doing there? He retired before the summer break. At first Armin is scared when meeting the seemingly neglected Mr. Fiedler. But as he
overcomes his shyness they become friends. Mr. Fiedler, at first upset by the young mischief-maker, then starts enjoying Armin’s company,
too. But the next intruder is already on her way: Joëlle is spending her holidays with her father in the village. She lives in the city and is used
to constant entertainment. Her father, however, doesn’t have time to care about Joëlle. For him, the village is an investment project. He’s
planning to build new houses, whatever is old, has to go. Out of boredom, Joëlle is lingering around the old school. But she is by far not the only one:
A police woman is guarding the school during the holidays. She doesn’t like it when children are hanging around in places where they
shouldn’t be. The skeleton from the biology class has been in the school for ages and knows stories about when Mr. Fiedler was a child and
the cactus a delicate plant in a flower pot. The two sparrows under the roof are observing what is happening in and around the house. And
then it all goes haywire: Mr. Fiedler is delivering a speech in the empty auditorium and talks about parallel universes. Joëlle sticks to her
guns. Armin tries to learn more about the school from her. And the police woman has to escort Mr. Fiedler, the man who used to be her
teacher, out of the school building.


written by * Anna Papst, Lorenz Langenegger (Switzerland), Ákos Németh (Hungary)*
Director Akos Nemeth
Set and Costume Maude Vuilleumier
Actors Michele Rohrbach, Marie Ulbricht, Reto Salder (Switzerland), Péter Kertész (Hungary)