Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

National Productions | 2010, January 22

Before the Bell

Før det Ringer by Liv Heløe
The play which is performed by professional actors is based upon encounters with pupils from Galterud Secondary school.

*Winner of Hedda Award 2010*

The Secondary school-student Janus, lives with his mum in an apartment block in a suburb somewhere. He is not the coolest guy in the class, but nor is he one of the nerds. Actually, he is quite average. But he has a crush on someone. He has a crush on Dina. A distance crush. Dina started in his class last fall (autumn), and she has the most beautiful neck he has ever seen. Today it’s Dinas birthday, and Janus has bought her a gift. He has planned in detail how he’s going to surprise her with it, behind the gym after school. All this he’s thinking about, as he is standing by the window eating his breakfast this particular morning. Then he looks over to the neighbour block, and in the windows to Leos flat. That bastard Leo. The bully in his class, always picking on someone. On people like Janus. He can see that Leo is smiling. Why is he in such a good mood? Has he got a new dog or something? He can see him stretching out his arm to someone. And then, in the window he can see Dina. In Leos room…
Nothing turns out the way Janus planned this day.
Everything changes, everybody can change. Noone is just the way they are, they are also the one they can be.


Before the Bell - mama
Before the Bell - cast
Before the Bell - Leo

written by Liv Heløe
Director Cecilie Mosil
Set/Costume Yngvar Julin
Actors: Oddrun Valestrand, Line Heie Hallem, Sulekha Ali Omar, Lasse Valdal, Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen

Alone in a jungle of concrete

We laugh – but why are we laughing at someone who bullies others?
That is a question which the audience must answer.
Before the Bell is to be played at all the secondary schools in Buskerud during 2010.
Both pupils and teachers can look forward to a great experience!

Drammens Tidende, 22. Jan. 2010;