Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards


  • 2013, Mar 13

    Liian vanha ja liian nuori (Too Old and Too Young)


    The winner of a National Playwriters’ Contest organised by Platform11+ and Oulu City Theatre

  • 2013, Mar 7 – 2013, Mar 10

    5th Annual Encounter Drammen, Evaluation Meeting

    After 4 years, the circle is complete in Brageteatret in Drammen (Norway): There, the artistic directors met for the first time in May 2009, in order to start the PLATFORM 11+ project, and there, one of the most extensive EU cultural projects will finish with the 5th Annual Encounter. Approximately 100 European artists meet for the last time at the 5th Annual Encounter. They work, discuss, and celebrate their parting, after four eventful and productive years. Many of the contacts and experiences which resulted out of PLATFORM 11+ will live on in further common projects.

  • 2013, Jan 26 – 2013, Feb 3

    Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality

    Public presentation in the German school Gymnasium Bürgerwiese as highlight of the 3rd Youth Encounter of P11+ with young people from Germany, Finland, Italy and Great Britain

  • 2012, Nov 23 – 2012, Nov 25

    Advisory Board Meeting in Berlin

  • 2012, Jun 18 – 2013, Mar 10

    FACE ME - Time of Transition | Tour

    The Final Production on a European tour.
    FACE ME – the international P11+ co-production

  • 2012, Jun 17 – 2012, Jun 21

    4th Annual Encounter Pilsen I Czech Republic

    Three years have passed since the beginning of the Platform 11+ project. The partner theatres have now completed the first two phases of the project.

  • 2012, May 27 – 2012, Jun 17

    rehearsals final production

  • 2012, May 10 – 2012, May 13

    Advisory Board Meeting in Milan

    In Milan, the theatres’ artistic directors met with the directors and set designers before the rehearsals began at the end of May for the big Final Production near Pilsen. The Italian partner Elsinor Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione in Milan was the host of this meeting.

  • 2012, Apr 20

    Performance "THROUGH OUR EYES"

  • 2012, Apr 14 – 2012, Apr 22

    Schoolyard in Town II "Through Our Eyes"

    This year’s Youth Exchange was hosted by Pilot Theatre, with support from our host venue York Theatre Royal, in the city of York, England from 14–22 April, 2012. Young people, aged from 13–23, came from Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Estonia to join the British group in a jam-packed 9 days of activity. You can see highlights of the week and the performance on or
    This project is a Youth in Europe Event, funded with support from the European Union and British Council as well as Platform 11+ .

  • 2012, Feb 3 – 2012, Feb 5

    Play Fair and AB Meeting in Bratislava

    In February P11plus finally will visit the Slovak Repeublic. A Play Fair will take place followed by the first AB meeting in 2012 and the next preparation meeting for the big final production.

  • 2011, Oct 11 – 2011, Oct 15

    Festival Patios del Recreo

    view all

  • 2011, Sep 28 – 2012, Feb 28

    Playwrighting Competition

    Ever since Platform 11+ began with its networking project, one of its main aims has been to inspire professional authors to write new plays for young audiences.
    The press statement put it like this: „After four years of work, PLATFORM 11+ wants to present a many-layered (self-) portrait of a young European generation, whose presence at the beginning of the 21st century is reflected in more than 30 new plays“.

  • 2011, Sep 22 – 2011, Sep 26

    Advisory Board Meeting in York

    The British Pilot Theatre was the host of the Advisory Board Meeting, held on a sunny weekend in early autumn 2011.

  • 2011, Jun 15 – 2011, Jun 19

    3rd Annual Encounter Dresden Germany June 15 – 18 2011

    The Annual Encounter of Platform 11+ brought together more than 100 artists from 12 European countries for the third year in a row, from the 15–18th of June 2011.

  • 2011, Jun 15 – 2011, Jun 18

    Youth Work during the Annual Encounter in Dresden, 2011

    Workshops and Performance during the Annual Encounter 2011

  • 2011, Apr 29 – 2011, May 2

    Advanced Teachers Traning in Palmela/Portugal

    P11+ teachers met for an inspiring weekend in Palmela. Mandy Smith and Julian Ollive from York worked with teachers on approaches to text. Workshop took place at Teatro O Bando and the hosting school in Poceirão. The teachers were warmly welcomed by the pupils of the school of Poceirão, who performed a little „schoolyard play“ for the international group.

  • 2011, Feb 22 – 2011, Feb 26

    Advisory Board Meeting in Oulu

    Oulu City Theatre was once again host to the annual Festival in chilly North Europe. Two partner theatres presented plays for the 30th Anniversary of the festival and the P11+ management team met for its regular exchange of information about the project.

  • 2011, Jan 28 – 2011, Jan 30

    Meeting Target Group Final Production

    From January 28th till 30th the traget group Final Production will meet at the German head office in Berlin to negotiate ways how to reach the aim of a common final product at the end of the project.

  • 2011, Jan 1 – 2011, Dec 31

    National Projects with Young People 2011

    Educational Work – Theatre, Visual Art, New Media – of the partner theatres during 2011

  • 2010, Oct 29

    Performance "HANDBOOK OF YOUR LIFE"

    All the stories brought from the different countries having been developed further during the week in Tallinn will be staged at different stages in the big building of the National Estonian library.

  • 2010, Oct 29 – 2010, Nov 1

    Advisory Board Meeting In Tallinn

  • 2010, Oct 25

    PLAY FAIR Tallinn

    Another P11+ PLAY FAIR will take place in VAT Teater. It will promote the National plays to Estonian theatre makers. The kids from Plzen, Bratislava, York and Tallinn will help the actors from VAT.

  • 2010, Oct 24

    Launch of Blog from Youth encounter Tallinn

    Go to Tallinn2010

  • 2010, Oct 23 – 2010, Oct 31

    Shared Stories from European Schoolyards / Youth Encounter in Tallinn

    ‘Shared Stories from Schoolyards’ (Tallinn, Estonia, October 2010) was a youth exchange project hosted by VAT Theatre, Tallinn and financed by the Estonian Youth for Europe Agency. It was the first Youth Encounter initiated in the framework of Platform 11+ under the topic ‘Schoolyard Crossers’.

  • 2010, Jun 23 – 2010, Jun 28

    2nd Annual Encounter in Palmela / Portugal

    Time to have the second big annual encounter of the P11+ network.
    More than 100 artists from all over Europe will come to Teatro O Bando to prepare and perform at the European Theatre Event: A Midsummernight’s Theatre

  • 2010, Jun 23

    Plein Air Day 13

  • 2010, Jun 22

    Plein Air Day 12

  • 2010, Jun 21

    Plein Air Day 11

  • 2010, Jun 18

    Plein Air Day 10

  • 2010, Jun 17

    Plein Air Day 9

  • 2010, Jun 16

    Plein Air Day 8

  • 2010, Jun 15

    Plein Air Day 7

  • 2010, Jun 14

    Plein Air Day 6

  • 2010, Jun 11

    Premiere of the National Production in Plzen! "TE? 55 31 13 já"

    written by Blanka Josephová-Lunáková and Bára Gregorová

  • 2010, Jun 11

    Plein Air Day 5

  • 2010, Jun 10

    Plein Air Day 4

  • 2010, Jun 9

    Plein Air Day 3

  • 2010, Jun 8

    Plein Air Day 2

  • 2010, Jun 7

    Plein Air Day 1

  • 2010, Jun 6 – 2010, Jun 24

    Plein Air Palmela / Under Olive Trees

    13 Visual Artists are guests at the magic hill of Teatro O Bando full of olive trees. June 24 at 19:30 we celebrate the opening of the exibition of their works as the start of the 2nd Annual Encounter of Platform11plus.

  • 2010, May 13 – 2010, May 27

    Platform11plus Festival in York I UK

    From 13th May a Platform festival will take place in York / UK. Three professional shows will shown, accomanied from several youth production in the frame of the Platform theme.

  • 2010, Feb 26

    PLAY FAIR Oulu

    Presentation of a new European Repertoire by our Partner, the City Theatre of Oulu.

  • 2010, Feb 26

    Stepping Exhibition Oulu

    The second stop of the Youth Event “Stepping Exhibition” was in Oulu. Children of the Oulu school welcomed a group of international playwrights very warmly. Giuditta Mingucci forwarded the work of children from Milan to a group of pupils. They will now start to prepare an exhibition for young people in London.

  • 2010, Feb 20 – 2010, Feb 24

    Playwrights’ Meeting February 2010 Oulu - Finland

    Oulu City Theatre, situated high up in northern Europe, was host for three days to the playwrights who’d been commissioned by the theatres. After the meeting in Berlin in June 2009 and Budapest in September 2009, they came together for the third time in order to swop experiences about the national plays and productions and to carry on the process of co-writing with the involved partners.

  • 2009, Nov 18 – 2009, Nov 20

    PR Meeting London

    PR Managers from all companies have been in Greenwich, the place of our host EEA.

  • 2009, Oct 9 – 2009, Oct 12

    Advanced Training for Teachers, Salò / Italy

    From October 9th till 12th teachers from partner schools of all our participating theatres will met in Salò.

  • 2009, Sep 4 – 2009, Sep 8

    Annual Encounter Budapest 2009

    The first Annual Encounter is hosted by Kolibri. Almost 100 artists met for four days in the Hungarian capitol.

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