Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Platform Activities | 2012, February 3 – 2012, February 5

Play Fair and AB Meeting in Bratislava

In February P11plus finally will visit the Slovak Repeublic. A Play Fair will take place followed by the first AB meeting in 2012 and the next preparation meeting for the big final production.

It was freezing cold when the theatre managers and the seven artistic directors of the Final Production met in the Slovakian capital. The host Theatre Institute, having excellent contacts in the city, hired rooms for the meeting in the College of the Arts. Both the programme for the Annual Encounter in Pilsen and the working process were discussed during the three day meeting. The title for the Annual encounter ‘FACE ME’ ensued out of a lively debate amongst the delegates.
Although the Theatre Institute doesn’t have its own ensemble or theatre space, it is very committed to the realization of the goals of the project.
The performance of ‘Three–Four Monkeys’ gave the participants the chance to see a Platform 11+ production. This play was directed by Zuzana Hudekowa?, who had participated as a Visual Artist in the Plein Air in Portugal last year. This was the first time she had directed a play. The play, with its minimal text and its emphasis on sound and images, is an important contribution to the central issue of how language can or should be used in the context of the European theatre project.

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