Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards



FACE ME Time of Transition
Opening night 2012, June 18
FACE ME The Final Production of Platform 11+

Last First Week
Opening night 2011, June 16
written by Anna Papst, Lorenz Langenegger (Switzerland), Ákos Németh (Hungary)

Martín (inspired by "I don’t want to be Che Guevara"/ Gabriel Fernández Chapo
Opening night 2011, May 26
The second co-production of PLATFORM 11+ with the Iberoamerican Schoolyard Stories project. Opening is in May in Santiago de Chile. Staged and perfored by *LA FACTORIA TEATRO*

Thinking Time/ Ferne Fremde Liebe
Opening night 2011, May 21
a play by Liv Heløe (Norway) in collaboration with the dramaturg Ina Klose (Germany)

What Light
Opening night 2011, May 11
a play by Giuditta Mingucci (Italy) and Richard Hurford (United Kingdom

Salto Mortale/ Salto Mortale (Kombat)
Opening night 2011, April 29
Kristiina Jalasto (Estonia) and Michaela Zakutanska (Slovakia) created this storyline together and write two plays in their mother languages

BABEL (book of errors 1-5)
Opening night 2011, April 13
BABEL book of errors 1-5 is a play for 12-14 year old kids, on the struggle between the longing for understanding and unity on the one side and the eternal mistrust and developping individual identity on the other. Humor and bitternes are alternating in the playful fantasy on the Biblical story of Babel, written for the cooperation of Teatro Elsinor and Theater de Citadel. Although being played in two languages, both the Italian and the Dutch audience can understand every word of the misunderstanding.

Opening night 2011, March 25
a play by Aare Toikka (Estonia) and Peter Horvath (Hungary)

Opening night 2011, March 14
A comics-style story about one fateful meeting that had to take place twice.

Opening night 2011, February 22
Three actors are working together to create a new piece of theatre, retelling a timeless story; the creation of the world. Known only by the initials of I, V and L (in reference to the Finnish mythological characters Illmarinen, Vainomoinen and Lemminkainen from the traditional folk tale the Keravela) they are battling with their competing ideas in order to tell the story in ways which satisfy them all.

WC School
Opening night 2010, March 12
The first co-production of PLATFORM 11+ with the Iberoamerican Schoolyard Stories project. Opening is in Buenos Aires.

National Productions

Andromeda's Island by Indrek Hargla
Opening night 2013, March 13
A girl and a boy are washed ashore, on an island, after a shipwreck. They have to stay alive and find their way home. But the boy is abducted by a woman who wears a horned mask and calls herself Andromeda. It is her island.

Here come the European Boat People by Marco Renzi
Opening night 2013, January 1
The performance is based on a kind of creative and amusing, even dramatic, turning upside down of the actual worldwide situation. It imagines that a series of factors, such as climate change and the discovery of new materials, will cause the collapse of Europe and of all the Western countries, which will be replaced by the African countries as the new economic rulers. So, rafts and crafts of all kinds change their course, bringing Italians and Europeans to search for jobs (dirty, dangerous, humiliating or whatever) in the new leading countries of the world.

Delete by Katalin Göyri
Opening night 2013, January 1
“It all started with Gyuri Lakos, who came to our class because he’s flunked” says Boti, an 8th grader in an ordinary Hungarian elementary school. The structure of the class immediately changes when this “new guy” appears on the scene. The girls all adore him, the boys either take his side and follow his example (smoking weed and being rebellious) or hate him, like Boti does...

Bluer than usual (Blauer als sonst)
Opening night 2011, May 11
by Eva Rottmann

Webshop (A webáruház)
Opening night 2011, April 29
by Ákos Németh

Cyber Cyrano
Opening night 2010, November 5
by István Tasnádi

The men on the horse
Opening night 2010, October 14
By Giuditta Mingucci

TED 55 31 13 já
Opening night 2010, June 11
written by Blanka Josephová-Lunáková and Bára Gregorová

Emil és a detektívek
Opening night 2010, June 8
from Peter Horvath (by a story from Erich Kästner)

The Old Sedentary and the Young Adventurer
Opening night 2010, June 5

Mna kedys´ (Once it hit me...)
Opening night 2010, June 1
Once it snog me... is a story of four teenagers Saša, Bela, Dre? and Eman.

The Mystery of Jack and the Clones of Chaos
Opening night 2010, May 25
As part of Pilot's Platform Festival in May the opening night of Richard Hurford's new play will be at the Studio stage.

Koulupihan tarinoita
Opening night 2010, April 22
Premiere of the Finish national Platform11plus production written by Jukka Heinänen

Paperclip Belt
Opening night 2010, April 8
Estonian Playwright Marion Jõepera made an adaption of a novel written by the young Estonian author Mare Sabolotny.

De Moeder, de Vader en de Rest
Opening night 2010, March 1
"The Mother, the Father and the Rest" is a play for children of about 12 years old, to be played by two actors in classrooms. It is based on biographic data on the youth of a now about 60-years man, living in the north of The Netherlands.

Opening night 2010, February 24
Using the P11plus play from Ákos Németh Hungarian young people created this remarkable movie:

School Ties
Opening night 2010, February 19
EEA produced with the Lewisham Youth Theatre, EEA the first Platform 11+ project in London. 30 young people from several secondary schools took up residence in a Primary School for one week - to create a wierd and wonderful environment to perform their work with our playwright Arji Manuelpillai.

Before the Bell
Opening night 2010, January 22

Før det Ringer by Liv Heløe
The play which is performed by professional actors is based upon encounters with pupils from Galterud Secondary school.

*Winner of Hedda Award 2010*

Tut mir ja leid Vati, aber ich muss (Sorry Dad, but I have to)
Opening night 2009, December 12
written by Laura Naumann

Verhalen van het Schoolplein (Schoolyard Stories)
Not everyone will come in an football stadium or in a museum, but each of us has spend an important time of his youth in the schoolyard, a dramatic place to be. The place where you will grow from child to an teenager. The place where you won marbles, where you fought and lost your heart. Adventures and stories that provide a stream of indelible memories.

Vyskocit z kože/ Jump out of Skin
written by Zuza Ferenczová