Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

National Productions | 2011, April 29

Webshop (A webáruház)

by Ákos Németh

Two 14 years old girls, Martina and Mercella, meet by chance in an empty playground at night. It becomes clear from their discussion that both are excluded from the company of the schoolmates.
Marcella and Martina are very different but they do have one thing in common: boys are not interested in them. Martina is overtly unworried by this. Marcella is secretly very annoyed about this. Both of them regard school as an unnecessary shit.
They discover soon how they can attract attention and win the recognition of their mates: by starting business with medicine, at first with trendy prescribed slimming drugs then with sedatives, stimulants, antidepressants, hallucinogenics.
At first they get the prescriptions easily with the help of stolen prescription pads. They have no idea of the trouble they are getting themselves into. The girls become very popular amongst their mates and they are considered very cool. Their behaviour has changed, they are becoming confident. Marcella discovers the financial part of the business too. She starts to enjoy money and, by using forged signatures, she makes investments.
Their activity attracts the attention of drug dealers and the police as well but for the present non of them can find the girls.
Their business booms so much so that the girls decide to establish a webshop in order to circulate the goods.


Cast Eszter Földes, Mária Koszegi, Gergy Bárdi, Lea Simon, Márton Kosznovszky
Director Balázs Perényi
Costumes Gabriella André
Master of Ceremony Tamás Somogyi