Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Co-Productions | 2011, April 13

BABEL (book of errors 1-5)

BABEL book of errors 1-5 is a play for 12-14 year old kids, on the struggle between the longing for understanding and unity on the one side and the eternal mistrust and developping individual identity on the other. Humor and bitternes are alternating in the playful fantasy on the Biblical story of Babel, written for the cooperation of Teatro Elsinor and Theater de Citadel. Although being played in two languages, both the Italian and the Dutch audience can understand every word of the misunderstanding.

BABEL book of errors 1-5
The old King Nimrod, the only survivor of the Big Disaster, sees his town Babel growing and growing. Unity is no more evident. So he decides to build a tower as high as the sky as a symbol of prosperity and understanding. What do young Haran, Ylon and Sem think of it? Haran is dreaming of a paradise regained, Ylon is desperate about vanity of life, and Sem is looking for his own position to Nimrod and the others. The ancient God, seeing the approaching of the tower, is irritated and sends another language to the town of Babel to disturb the building of the tower. Still friendship and love are bringing the inhabitants sometimes a bit closer and the building of the tower goes on. Will it be finished?


Playwright Bouke Oldenhof (Netherlands)
Director Rob Bakker (Netherlands)
Set Design Boris Stokman

written by Bouke Oldenhof
director Rob Bakker
actors Stefano Braschi, Sjoerd Meijer, Giuditta Mingucci, Lies van de Wiel
video artist *Boris Stokman