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Elsinor Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione is the first interregional centre of theatrical production and performances.

Elsinor offers plays and children’s theatre, as well as organizing theatrical seasons and training laboratories, carried out in three regions considered highly influential for Italian theatre: Lombardy, Tuscany, and Emilia Romagna. Elsinor is represented by “Teatro Sala Fontana” in Milan, the “Cantiere Florida” theatre in Florence, and the “Giovanni Testori” theatre in Forli.

Elsinor’s driven commitment to the exploration of contemporary theatrical prose, and the exchange and synergies inspired by traditional and new approaches to theatrical classics, is shared by all the artists, directors, scenographers, set designers, costume designers and actors of various backgrounds who make Elsinor what it is today.

By diverse forms of collaboration between artists, local governmental institutions, universities and schools, in response to the increasing demand for access to theatre as a didactic tool, Elsinor offers theatrical training, workshops and special events to schools and Universities.

An important example of this is “Segnali”, a children’s theatre festival organized in collaboration with “Teatro del Buratto” and the Lombardy Region.

Elsinor has also presented the historic event “Cento Canti”, a public reading of 100 hundred verses of Dante’s Divine Comedy, performed in significant locations in the cities of Milan, Bologna and Florence, where the event is already at its fourth season.

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Artistic Director
Stefano Braschi

Visual Artists
Ilaria Ariemme

Art Education

Giuditta Mingucci