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Zurich | Switzerland

The „Junge Schauspielhaus“ (JSH) is an integral part of the city theatre of Zurich (Schauspielhaus Zürich). In its repertoire the JSH offers five productions and additionally guest performances per season for a target audience aged between 6 and 15.

The JSH collaborates with schools on a continuous and long-term basis. School classes are offered several possibilities to witness the process of the production of a play from the planning over the rehearsals on to the premiere: subject-oriented workshops convey access to a production in a playful manner before or after the play, moreover acquaintances with actors, directors or stage designers and the access to several compartments (makeup art, audio engineering, tailoring) give insights behind the scenery and in the workaday life of the theatre.

Furthermore children may subscribe to benefit from activities in the scope of the theatre in their leisure. Under professional guidance they are offered to rehearse plays and perform themselves, to join writing workshops, to research on theatre connected with visual arts or science by collaboration with museums and children universities in town, or being member of the “drama critic club” where children and youth discuss in groups about the plays of the JSH and publish their reports.

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Artistic Director
Petra Fischer

Visual Artists
Maude Hélène Vuilleumier

Art Education
Caroline Ringeisen
Eva Rottmann

Lorenz Langenegger
Anna Papst
Eva Rottmann