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Oulu | Finland

Oulu City Theatre is ideally located on the island of Vänmanninsaari in the estuary of the Oulu River, close to the commercial centre of the city and just beside the Market Place.
There is also a bridge connecting it to another island housing the idyllic artistic community of Pikisaari. Since the theatre is somewhat larger than the island on which it stands, part of it is built out over the water.

The professional theatre in Oulu was established in 1931. It is the largest and most prominent theatre in northern Finland presenting annually 8-10 premieres and the Oulu Children’s Theatre Festival that celebrated its 30th anniversary 21.-27.2.2011. Over 100 permanent staff and four stages with full modern technical equipment, provide a great frame for Oulu City Theatre to produce a wide range of large-scale classical drama and musicals but also innovative theatre and new domestic and foreign premieres, especially new plays written by northern Finnish playwrights. A seasonal repertoire also includes a premiere for the younger audiences, and theatre education is based on ongoing cultural programmes and god parenting local schools and colleges. Annually the theatre is visited by 80000 spectators in 350 shows.


Theatre view from the outside
Theatre view by night
Theatre entrance hall



Artistic Director
Ahti Ahonen
Mikko Kouki

Visual Artists
Maija Tuorila

Art Education

Jukka Heinänen
Annina Rokka