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Tallinn | Estonia

VAT Theatre, the first independent Estonian theatre group, was formed on October 1, 1987.

The theatre company has a staff of 13 people and offers performances at home on stage at the National Library, and also at other theatres and cultural institutions.

VAT Theatre is a small repertory theatre company with performances visited by 25,000 people annually. In the theatre repertory there are adult plays and plays for children and youths. VAT Theatre is truly Estonian, as one million Estonians are regular theatregoers. In the theatre’s work there is a special place given to modern plays and plays of contemporary Estonian playwrights.

VAT Theatre tries to touch each spectator’s soul. The company’s main direction can be described as theatre minimalism and it has adopted the epic and physical theatre principles. The “Forum Group at the VAT Theatre”, influenced by the Brazilian Augusto Boal who renewed theatre with the “Forum-theatre” technique, has been performing there since 1999.

VAT Theatre has toured to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, the Republic Komi, Ukraine and Zimbabwe. It is a member of the Estonian Theatre Association, the Estonian Centre of ASSITEJ and the Estonian Non-Formal Adult Education Association. VAT Theatre is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Tallinn.

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National Library Tallinn
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Artistic Director
Aare Toikka

Visual Artists
Inga Vares

Art Education
Mari-Liis Velberg

Marion Jõepera
Kristiina Jalasto