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Drammen | Norway

Brageteatret is a professional theatre, run by Buskerud County and Drammen City, founded by the owners and the Norwegian State.

Brageteatret’s main purpose has been to produce and play theatre with the perspective of children and young people, as well as theatre with a multicultural perspective. However, from 2011 we also produce for adults.

Brageteatret started as a project run by the culture office in Buskerud County in 1998, with the intention of building up a professional theatre in the county.

From 2001 Brageteatret became a Public Organisation, with its own board with members from the owners. Brageteatret plays more than 350 performances each year. The theatre plays for +/- 40 000 people every year.

Through this project we are all developing an unique network, giving us the possibility to discuss, learn and exchange our knowledge communicating with young people through dramatic arts.

The Cultural Rucksack

In 2001 Norway established a new concept with the purpose – how to give all pupils between 6 and 16 years quality meetings with art – named “The Cultural Rucksack”.

In our region there are 146 schools, with a total of 32 000 pupils. Through this programme, they are guaranteed 5 cultural encounters with art: Theatre/dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, literature and cultural heritage. This means a total of 150 000 “Cultural Rucksack-Experiences”! Brageteatret is responsible for offering a variety of theatre/dance performances, both plays we have produced ourselves, and productions we have bought from other companies.

The Cultural Rucksack is a very well-organized project. It could be interesting to bring our experienses into this project, as well as learning from other countries, how they have succeeded their work.

We are looking forward to this year’s co-production, with 3 other theatres.

It will be a fun and exciting experience for us all!

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Brageteatret by night
Bragetreatret Outside
View into the foyer of Brageteatret



Artistic Director
Terje Hartviksen

Visual Artists
Marianne Loraas

Art Education

Liv Heløe