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Kristiansand | Norway

The University of Agder (UiA) was established on September 1, 2007 when Agder University College received full university accreditation. It is the fourth largest university in Norway and the country's sixth largest higher education institution.

The university has locations on three campuses (Kristiansand, Grimstad and Arendal) with approximately 8500 students and 1000 employees. There are five faculties: Economics and Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, Engineering and Science, Health and Sport Sciences and Fine Arts, as well as a Teacher Education Unit which is organized inter-disciplinarily. Thirteen centres have been established at the university. The Arendal and Grimstad campuses will merge onto a new campus in Grimstad in 2010.

UiA offers 9 PhD programmes, 20 master programmes and about 50 bachelor programmes. Shorter programmes are also available, either through the university or through the university’s lifelong learning centre (EVU).

UiA is a national and international research institution with research in all academic areas covered by the university’s study programmes. More than 200 of the university’s academic staff are professors or associate professors.

UiA prioritizes regional, national and international cooperation. Regionally, the university cooperates extensively with Agder Research, several technology, research and commercial networks, and individual businesses and institutions in the private and public sectors.

Internationally, UiA cooperates with over 175 partner institutions through student, faculty and staff exchange. The university has fulfilled the requirements of the Bologna Process by adopting the Bologna degree structure, implementing the European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (ECTS system), increasing continuous evaluation, increasing internationalization, introducing individual education plans and establishing a comprehensive quality assurance system.

UiA is the only Higher Education Institution in Norway to have been awarded both the ECTS and DS labels by the European Commission.

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