Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Co-Productions | 2011, May 21

Thinking Time/ Ferne Fremde Liebe

a play by Liv Heløe (Norway) in collaboration with the dramaturg Ina Klose (Germany)

Hilde doesn’t get in contact with dying Ruth. Nina doesn’t reach the boy she’s supposed to contact by mobile phone.
Hilde is worried about the seriousness of Nina’s appointment; who is she seeing?
Nina recalls the three meetings she had with the itinerant Romanian boy Moreno. The meetings have taken place outside the building
where Nina is having piano lessons.
She lies to Hilde, she says: his name is Martin, he is German and that he plays the violin.
Ruth dies. Hilde calls a doctor.
Although the time for the appointment has passed, Nina wants to go to the meeting point to see if Moreno is still there. Hilde lets Nina go.
The bus: Nina travels through town. At the building with the piano lessons, Nina’s piano-teacher enters the bus. She tells her that she
experienced a robbery attempt recently. Just as Nina is about to leave the bus, her teacher recognizes Moreno at the bus-stop and tells her;
he is the robber. She warns Nina not to leave the bus. Nina has to choose – should she belive in her teacher or in Moreno?


Playwright Liv Heløe (Norway)
Director Philippe Besson (Germany)
Stage and Costumes Yngvar Julin

Performers: Isabell Giebeler, Gregor Wolf, Ines Prange/ Bettina Sörgel, Line Heie Hallem / Marja Hofmann