Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

National Productions

Verhalen van het Schoolplein (Schoolyard Stories)

Not everyone will come in an football stadium or in a museum, but each of us has spend an important time of his youth in the schoolyard, a dramatic place to be. The place where you will grow from child to an teenager. The place where you won marbles, where you fought and lost your heart. Adventures and stories that provide a stream of indelible memories.

Theater de Citadel plays the family production Iemand issum, Niemand issum. An musical epic about two boys and two girls in a schoolyard. About there meetings, fights, love’s, the loneliness, their victories and fears from 1950 till now.

Poetic workshop
Angelique de Waard is author, illustrator and visual artist. For this play she created an poetic workshop where children talk about their own schoolyard. What happens to a schoolyard? All stories, phrases and words that will come forward, will be processed in poems.

Visual workshop
Michiel Johannes Jansen is visual artist, designer, theatremaker who visit many schools. He made an workshop Visual for the play Iemand issum, Niemand issum. In this workshop children need to think about the time that their parents or grandparents did their elementary school. The answers about this questions, will be written or drawn on strips of tape. These strips represent a framework of an schoolyard. An area from come and go, from meetings and farewells.

The Groninger Forum looks back at the past, stands with both legs in the present and jumps into the future with the schoolyard of the 21 century.
In cooperation with the Frank Mohr Institute they transformed hall 2 of the Forum into a digital playground where children play in an interactive schoolyard and experience how an schoolyard will look like in the future. Thanks to archival images from GAVA they can see how the schoolyard of their parents, grandparents has looked like.

During the debate ‘ADHD now and then’ teachers, parents, philosophers and pedagogues crossed each other about the do’s and don’ts.


Written by: Simon van der Geest
Director: Rob Bakker
Actors: Lies van de Wiel, Lotte Lohrengel, Sjoerd Meijer, Bram Kwekkeboom
Musicians: Robert van der Tol, Don Hofstee, Tiedo Groeneveld