Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

National Productions | 2010, June 8

Emil és a detektívek

from Peter Horvath (by a story from Erich Kästner)

The 12 years old Emil who lives in a Hungarian town is sent to Budapest by his mother in order to bring loan to his father who has financial difficulties. Emil falls asleep on the train and the money disapears. The boy starts to follow a man sitting in the same railway carriage and behaving suspiciously because Emil is sure that he is the thief. Emil following Grundreisz, getting off the tram meets the company of youngsters, who listen to him, telling his problem despairingly, they mobilize their friends to catch the thief. Thanks to their local knowledge, their mobile, and internet they begin to follow each movement of Grundreisz. Now only a good plan is needed, to lure him to the theatre for children. And of course they expect the help of children, who are watching the performance, that is, the audience itself, to unmask the rascal.


Emil – Mészáros Tamás

Bonnie – Megyes Melinda

Clyde – Ruszina Szabolcs

Lotti Laura – Rácz Kriszta

Lotti Mirtill – Rácz Kármen

VJ – Krausz Gábor

Konrád, (VJ öccse) J – Bárdi Gerg?

Kis Net – Pomlényi Attila

Emil Anyja – Tisza Bea

Kästner, író – Tóth József

Grundeisz – Szanitter Dávid

Emil apja – Bodnár Zoltán

Bácsika, Ellen?r, Rend?r – Gazdag László

Ellen?rn?, Recepciós, Asszony, Sz?ke n?, Kibékít? Show m?sorvezet? – Farkas Éva