Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Youth Activities | 2013, January 26 – 2013, February 3

Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality

Public presentation in the German school Gymnasium Bürgerwiese as highlight of the 3rd Youth Encounter of P11+ with young people from Germany, Finland, Italy and Great Britain

In a total of two weeks the tjg. theater junge generation has led students of the Dresden School Buergerwiese together with peers from Finland, England and Italy on “Social networks – virtual meets reality”, an artistic performance work. Beside other things, it was for the young people to find out about transmitting the principles of the virtual world to the analogue life on a trial basis.
The artistic and performative results of the multilateral workshops were presented on Friday, February 1st by 6 pm with a spectacular performance at the branch office of the high school Buergerwiese. Interested public was welcome to attend. Admission was free.
The workshop itself was part of “Platform 11 +”, which of course not only combines theater people, writers and visual artists, but also educators, teachers and of course the children and young people themselves, the school is a partner of tjg in this project.


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