Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Platform Activities | 2009, October 9 – 2009, October 12

Advanced Training for Teachers, Salò / Italy

From October 9th till 12th teachers from partner schools of all our participating theatres will met in Salò.

PLATFORM 11+ revolves around the crucial work done in our schools and youth groups for, by and with young people alongside our colleagues in Education. Over the next 4 years we will build on our collaborations with individual teachers, arts educators, artists and organizations to ensure that the project leaves a legacy of inspiration and practice for work with our targeted age group.

Finding Inspirations
Our first event was a meeting in Salo in October 2009, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Garda. A teacher associated with each of the participating companies traveled to Italy to participate in a 3 day workshop led by Juliet Forster, Mandy Smith (directors, UK), Marianne Loraas (artist, Norway) and Giu- ditta Mingucci (writer/actress, Italy).

The objective was, through an active and participatory approach, for the teachers to engage with a range of artforms (theatre, music, art, writing) and explore different techniques for working with young people to encourage and enable their groups’ own creative expression and responses to the material of PLATFORM 11+.

Each teacher brought a photograph of their schoolyard as a starting point for discussion around the geographical and, more importantly, the cultural differences and similarities between the schools we are working with. As each school starts to work on their projects we will seek exciting and new ways for them to connect across Europe, including a progres- sive, rolling exchange of ‘The Exhibition’.

Activities over the weekend ranged from theatre games and the realization of characters and scenarios to the truly collaborative ‘Action Painting’ in the Public Square of Salo. There was time for exchanging ideas and practice, concerns and planning as well as stories and food and gazing at the spectacular scenery of the Lake. Hopefully everyone went away inspired and refreshed and looking forward to sharing their experiences back home.

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