Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Marie Cerníková

Born 1982. She graduated at department of scenography technics of Secondary Arts and Crafts School of St. Ann in Ceský Krumlov in year 2002. Between years 2002 and 2004 she studied in JAMU Brno – Faculty of Theatre department of dramatic pedagogy whith teachin practices in ZS Hroznova Brno. In the present time she is studiing her master studies at DAMU Prague – Faculty of Alternative and Puppet Theatre – department of scenography.

She worked as a lector in several workshops at Pupeteer’s Chrudim Festival 2008
in cooperation with an actress Blanka Joseph-Lunak and at Pupeteer’s Chrudim Festival 2004 in cooperation with Roman Cernik.
Realizations of her own stage, scenography, directorial projects in Lidé z maringotek (2005), Gazdina Roba (2001).

Visual arts and theatrical experiences from workshops and curses of festivals Vyšehrátky Festival 2008, Vyšehrátky Festival 2005, Sklep strašidel Ostrava 2003, Hannover, Bechyn, Písek, Plzen: designs and making masks, puppets, posters; drawings, paintings, making mock-ups
She created some comics as well:Annual Publication KALD DAMU 2007/2008;
Antigona: odjezd!-Tyan Plzen 2004 comics in program book of the performance
Her work experiences are:
Pud a zkušenost (scene design, costumes and puppets, cast and directed by : Marie Cerníkova, DAMU Prague 2009 )
Osobní Anamnéza (costumes; directed by: P. Tejnorová, DivadloNOd Roxy, 2009)
Bártndžus (costumes and illustrations; directed by: P. Tejnorová, Divadlo Alfa Plzen, 2008)
Krajina pamati (costumes; directed by: P. Tejnorová, project DAMU Prague and PWST Wroclaw, 2008)
Pam krajiny (costumes; directed by: P. Tejnorová, projekt DAMU Prague a PWST Wroclaw, 2008)
Titus Andronicus_ Let mouchy (costumes; directed by: P. Tejnorová, DAMU Prague 2007)
Cardym (costumes; directed by: A. Tichovová, DAMU Prague 2007)
Díra ve zdi (costumes and puppets; directed by P. Tejnorová a P. Hašek , Minor Prague 2007)
John Sinclair (costumes and puppets; directed by P. Tejnorová , DAMU Prague 2007) awarded by 1st Prize in theatre section of International Festival Zdarzenia- Tczew Europa 2007
Orient expres (costumes and masks; directed by F. Jevi, DAMU a Minor Prague 2006)
Písnisky s lidojedem (scene design; directed by P. Rut, DAMU Prague 2006)

The Dean’s Prize DAMU 2007 for extraordinary diligence, numerous outstanding and creative works during Bachelor Degree studies and for remarkable Bachelor essay.