Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Nuno Gabriel de Mello

Portuguese born in Angola (Huambo) in 1974 , he had studied in schools like: António Arroio Visual Arts School , Nacional Conservatory Theatre and Cinema Superior School in Lisbon and Arsenal School in Barcelona, and before, courses Drawing and Painting in S.N.B.A. and Artever group. Keeping a tight connection with the Visual Arts , Cinema, Theatre, and also with Music.

In the developed work as already colaborated with artists as: Artur Boal, Cândido Ferreira, Fernanda Lapa, Inês Oliveira, Ivo M.Ferreira, João Brites, José Nascimento, M.Emilia Correia, Márcio Loureiro, Nam June Paique, Sandro Aguilar, and many others. Doing : Art Direction, Set Designing, Advertising, Television entertainement, Graphic Design, Video, Music, Conceptual Installation, Stands, Kinetic Sculpture and Fine Arts. Today, and always, taking every unknown idea as an adventure.