Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Authentic Diary Entry Written In Secret Code From Left To Right

MASA CERNIKOVA Visual Artist, Czech Republic

This authentic diary entry is written in secret code from left to right. It’s not hard to learn, but you can only read it in a mirror. It takes a while to do the letters, so the text contains abbreviations and secret symbols – heart = love, to fall in love, btw = by the way. The ink has faded a fair bit over the years. As well as the diary I also kept detailed accounts of my income and expenditure. So expenditure.
2. 1. 00
Yesterday my diet ended abruptly, and now I feel a bit sick from all the cakes I ate at the H’s, D’s and at G’s – I ate cheese bread there as well and a bit of bread and butter, but I took the salami off.
I hope that these sinful two days won’t show up on me too much (btw. I did have supper at Christmas) and that I shall return to my elf regime.
At the H’s and D’s I opened up the gloomy chambers of my dark soul and also told them that only L. could be the key (although I believe that M.B. could be, too, or another champion (e.g. H.P., but all thoughts of him are banned). Oh L!!!
It occurred to me that if P.R. saw me, he might not (heart sign) me, that I’m thin, because I’m not any more. The H’s girls told me that it was a good thing that I’m nor- mal, because they were worried about me over the holidays, how skinny and bony I was, dry as those mad women that Dad hates. And I said I was a bit afraid I had an arse and was fat again, and K said she could see my legs were thin still. I was depressed. I’m afraid of it – I’m afraid of obesity.
I’m afraid I might imagine things unnecessarily, and then be disappointed, but before the holidays M.B. wished us a happy Christmas and looked at me as he said it. Quite a long look. (N went to Germany for the holidays). Sometimes I think he probably knows how to kiss quite well.
I can imagine having really good long talks with L, getting on really well, joking etc.