Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Bjørn Sortland (Norway)



Text Extract


ANNE (RED) roll-ups and thick woollen socks
KIM (PINK) stylish rocker type, kind of ‘Kaizer’s Orchestra-cool’
TRYM (BLUE) sports and games and cap
KATRINE (GREEN) horsey-girl with pedometer and strict diet
AUDUN (YELLOW) acoustic guitar lad, vigorously concerned with…life
EMMA (PURPLE) chai latte, magic moments and world music

SONJA sofa-viewer
SIGURD sofa-viewer

ANGELA KIM’s sister




The stage is a cat-walk with two projecting ’wings’ so the whole forms a ’T’ (or a cross without a top, if you prefer). Three double beds stand on the cross-piece.

At the rear stand six columns, within which colours will appear: a column and a colour for each participant. Each participant has their own colour; to all intents and purposes, the clothes they wear have the same colours as the lights in the columns. (Rather than ambitious, physical light columns, use may be made of projections or something similar on the back wall.)

At the end of the cat-walk closest to the audience, stands a large barbecue grill, a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid and a grill- lighter..

The whole auditorium is as dark as possible.

A children’s/youth choir stands lined up along the sides and back wall.

While the audience enters and finds their places, the choir gently shushes them should they speak.


The only object lit is a bright yellow, two-seater sofa which is placed at the front, close to the stage, but in the auditorium. Sonja is sitting in it.

When the audience has sat down, the choir hums the hymn “Abide with Me". (The original suggests “Far, verden, far vel" – Thomas Kingo, 1681. Norwegian Hymnbook, number 406).

SONJA (calling out)
You coming? It’s starting!

Sigurd comes running in with a bag.

Just had to get the Doodles.


6 days – 6 participants – 6 months to live – and 600,000 in prize money – minimum! Welcome to Make & Break!

Anne, completely hairless, dressed in red, comes calmly out onto the stage.

A fanfare interrupts the hymn.

A column of light appears – warm red.

(NB! How the columns react is really up to those putting on the production. I haven’t given directions throughout since they are ever present and to do so would be rather pernickety. All the same, I have given indications as to where it is essential when they go up or down, when people are voted out, for instance. What is important is that each colour-column appears linked to its own participant.)

Anne starts promenading down the cat-walk.

I think I was chosen because they need someone who’s critical. I think life is short and now I’m going to die. Besides I’m pissed off that my sort-of boyfriend didn’t want to be my proper boyfriend. So I’m very single. And bitter.

A column of light appears – light green.

Katrine starts promenading down the cat-walk.

As the participants come in and present themselves, a kind of cat-walk, fashion-show flow builds up, with each in turn replacing the one before, who returns to their place and so on.
I’m an eternal optimist! And I’m going to live ’til the day I die. I hope I’m going to win. Giving up’s not allowed! And yes! I’m single!

A column of light appears – purple.
Emma starts promenading down the cat-walk.

Emma. Single. The money doesn’t mean much. I want to give people hope. There’s life after this. My body’s just a shell. My soul will be born again. As a butterfly or a wolf or something else. People don’t understand this. I, who am going to die, want to remind those of you watching that death is not the end.

New fanfare.

Girls! Are you ready to choose your bed-pals?

Two of those clothed in white enter with a washing line, hanging from which are three pairs of boxer-shorts: One pink, one blue, one yellow.
Anne, Katrine and Emma look at each other.

I’ll have this one.

Anne tales the blue pair.
Emma takes the yellow.
Katrine hesitates, then finally takes the pink.

I see: A few months left to live and I have to sleep with a guy with pink undies.

Music to build suspense.
The boys throw the duvets off the beds; they have been lying under them all the time..
Fanfare again.
The yellow column lights up.

Audun leaps up and comes down the cat-walk. Yellow clothes. A guitar.

I think I was chosen because I’m single and play the guitar. If I win, I might just give the whole million away to a good cause. Death’s taboo in today’s society. When I was at the Radium Hospital I decided to prove you can live ’til you die. That you can love life. And that you can make a difference.
The blue column lights up.

Trym gets up and walks down the cat-walk.

I’m not well enough to hit town any more. Three reasons why I’m here. Money. Women. And a bit of fun before I die. Yesss. That was that.

The pink column lights up.
Kim gets up and walks down the cat-walk.

I’ve actually been a bit of an arse all my life. More or less blagged my way forward. Hope to win though, all the same. My big sister needs the money. Do something good before I finally log off. I don’t believe in lighting candles and the good conversation. And I hate pink. Just so that’s clear.

Fanfare again; all the columns flash.

And so we’re off. And you viewers at home can already start voting. It’s your sms votes that decide both the size of the prize and who wins. And every vote you send in goes into the draw for 25% of the prize money, which is a minimum of 600,000. As you vote, up it goes. And one of you voters will be drawn out and given 25% of the prize. The more you vote, the bigger the pot. Right now, the viewer’s prize is already worth 150,000. In addition, you get to meet the winner and get the winning amount paid out Cash in your Hand. Each participant has a colour code. For example, if you send BLUE to 666, then Trym will get your vote.

Trym makes a victory sign.

Yeah! And if a woman wins, I’ve got more to offer than just cash.


(Written for DUS – the Norwegian version of the British “Connect” – program)

“Make&Break” is about six young people who are chosen to take part in “Make&Break”, a reality show in which the participants compete for several hundred thousand kroner. Each of the six has been diagnosed with cancer and only has a relatively short time left to live. What is important in life? Does one become a better person when one is about to die? Does one become more desperate? Does money still mean anything? Is it ok to burn your candle at both ends? Amongst the audience there’s a couple watching the reality show. They decide who is to be voted out. But does the audience have a life when they just sit watching such things? “Make&Break” is a theatre piece packed in a reality show. Or is it the other way round?



M: 5
F: 5