Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards


Cyber Cyrano is best performance for Youth in Hungary 2011
11. May 2011 | Sven

The performance Cyber Cyrano written by Istvan Tasnadi was awarded yesterday by the jury of the 6th Meeting of Theatres for Children and Youth in Budapest. Congratulation!
as the best performance for youth of the year.

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Advanced Teachers Training II: *Whoosh! New Ways to Working on Text*
02. May 2011 | Sven

What makes up a text ? Character, Setting, Language, Meaning, Sound and Audience are just some of the key elements having been explored over the weekend.

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Salme Reek Award for "Paperclip Belt"
28. March 2011 | Sven

Rein Agurthe director of the Estonian national P11+ play “Paperclip Belt” has won the Salme Reek Award donated by Estonian Theatre Union.

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Award Nomination in Finland
03. February 2011 | Sven

Oulu City Theatre has been nominated (among 5 others) for the national theatre award for its work for children and youth theatre thanks to the art education programs Schoolyard Stories & Platform11+ and the success of the historical Oulu Children’s Theatre Festival and its 30th anniversary.

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Meeting Target Group Final Production
31. January 2011 | Sven

Following the agreement of the last AB Meeting in Tallinn colleagues from Pilot Theatre, Theater de Citadel, Elsinor, EEA and Theater Junge Generation met to develop the first draft ideas of a common final product.

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Hello from Berlin!
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BEGINNING Start of rehearsals in Oulu Finnland
10. January 2011 | Sven

Alex Evans and Patrick Bullock on the way to Oulu.

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Hello From

Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality - 3rd P11+ Youth Encounter in Dresden/Germany
26. January 2013 | Sven


Young people from UK, Italy and Finland are travelling to Dresden, Germany on Saturday 26th January as part of the third ever Platform 11+ International Youth Encounter. They will be participating in collaborative, cross-art form workshops run by Artists from 5 European Theatre companies and will be working towards sharing their ideas with the local community in Germany. Feb1st there will be a public presentation of the workshops. Thanks a million to the German partners Gymnasium Bürgerwiese and tjg-dresden!

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