Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards


03. June 2012 | Sven

Since one week more than 30 artists from all over Europe have been working together in Bykov /Czech Republic. Aim is to produce the multi-national co-production FACE ME Time of Transition which all P11+ partners are involved in and which will tour to all the partner countries. The first premiere will take place during the 29th SKUPOVA Festival in Pilsen and the 4th Annual Encounter of Platform11plus. You’re also invited to follow the blog of Tom Bellerby, the director from Pilot Thatre York.

The first week was focused on establishing the teams, setting up the rehearsal room and having the first rehearsals. Right from the beginning the production benefits from the creativity of the performers but also from the diversity of the different artistic approaches from the directors. One team is partly working in the woods while well knowing that the performance will take place in schools. Other teams split their work to work in the partner school in Plzen GFK with young people being involved in the final show. Having this school as partner is a unique opportunity to closely work for and with the P11+ target audience group. Several workshops have already been given followed by many visits to organise the performances June 18th and 19th.
Time is flying. Week two is almost over. Next Wednesday the team will have to leave the beautiful castle Bykov. From then there will be final rehearsals the school GFK. The last has been the core process of the production in a way. All teams became acquainted to each other and could rehearse in a more intensive way. This also included the discovery of artistic and cultural differences which sometimes leads to discussions, irritations, misunderstandings and quarrels. These are happening on a very professional level as the social time being spent in the breaks and evenings appears as very harmonic. The different productions are in an advanced phase now and need to be transfered to the school now. With the marvellous help of the headmaster Sharka and the drama teacher Tereza the team is already bonded to the school and a lot of pupils. So at the end we can expect to see a real co-production between international artists and Czech non-professionals. After a free Sunday which most of us will spend in Prague the last week’s adventure can start! PS: a big thank you to Marcela, Jan, Iveta, Tomas and all the colleagues form the wonderful supporting Alfa theatre!



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Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality - 3rd P11+ Youth Encounter in Dresden/Germany
26. January 2013 | Sven


Young people from UK, Italy and Finland are travelling to Dresden, Germany on Saturday 26th January as part of the third ever Platform 11+ International Youth Encounter. They will be participating in collaborative, cross-art form workshops run by Artists from 5 European Theatre companies and will be working towards sharing their ideas with the local community in Germany. Feb1st there will be a public presentation of the workshops. Thanks a million to the German partners Gymnasium Bürgerwiese and tjg-dresden!

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