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Theatre Deed for Children and Young people to Oulu

15. March 2012 | Sven

Oulu Children’s Theatre Festival has won the Theatre Deed for Children and Young people of the Year Award at the industry’s annual Thalia Gala in Helsinki 11.3.2012. Sari Tanner accepted the award together with Artistic Director of Oulu City Theatre and Festival, Mikko Kouki, from legendary actress Eila Roine and Cultural Minister Paavo Arhinmäki. What a wonderful feeling!

The 31.Oulu Children’s Theatre Festival was a great success this year, we had over 7500 visitors, international shows from Spain, Sweden and P11+ coproduction Help! from VAT Teater and Kolibri Theatre. On the Opening Day a group of 30 professionals gathered here to discuss the current state of Finnish theatre for young audiences. The event was chaired by the CEO of Finnish Theatres Association Tommi Saarikivi and speakers included the Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Katri Santtila from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Chairman of National Stage Arts Ahti Ahonen, and Chairwoman of Finnish ASSITEJ Nina Jääskeläinen and Theatre Information Center Hanna Helavuori. The annual number of shows and audiences have been on the decline during the last ten years. For example, the drop has been drastic from 450000 shows to 300000 per year. To follow the discussion, the panel of professionals issued a three point statement :

1. The position of stage arts should be inwritten in the school curriculum. No one should leave comprehensive schooling system without seeing a live performance.
2. Theatre for young audiences should fulfill the same quality standards that applies to the rest of the professional theatre
3. Theatres and makers should be encouraged towards broader networking and discussion so that cooperation can enhance the ability to serve younger audiences better and this must be supported by wider society.



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Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality - 3rd P11+ Youth Encounter in Dresden/Germany
26. January 2013 | Sven


Young people from UK, Italy and Finland are travelling to Dresden, Germany on Saturday 26th January as part of the third ever Platform 11+ International Youth Encounter. They will be participating in collaborative, cross-art form workshops run by Artists from 5 European Theatre companies and will be working towards sharing their ideas with the local community in Germany. Feb1st there will be a public presentation of the workshops. Thanks a million to the German partners Gymnasium Bürgerwiese and tjg-dresden!

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