Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Plein air - second week in Teatro O Bando, Palmela, Portugal

16. June 2010 | Sven

What has happened during the second week of the plein air on the beautiful hillside of Teatro O Bando? First of all, the thirteen visual artists from twelve European countries worked hard on their spots. Some even nearly finished their artistic installations as Lörinc Boros from the Kolibri theatre in Budapest, Hungary. L?rinc had the idea to built a tram on his spot. This tram is completely covered by green good smelling grass. Inspired by Trams in Budapest and Lisbon, as well as in the play text ’Emil and the detectives’ (Hungarian National PLATFORM 11+ production) he wanted to create a Tram coming out of the hillside – a structure where audience and actors can interact.

The second week of the plein air was highlighted by the visits of kids from two schools cooperating with Platform11+. In the morning hours of Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th youngsters aged around 10 to 15 did not follow their normal school schedule. Instead their teachers took them on a walk up the O Bando path. Along this path the kids could explore the progressing work of the visual artists from all over Europe. The curious boys and girls discovered twelve installations sometimes hidden in the high grass or underneath olive trees. The artists warmly welcomed guests and explained the stories behind their artistic objects. Eventually, some of the youngsters could work together with the artists in small groups. This is what happened when the children met Michiel Jansen from the Theater de Citadel in Groningen, Holland. Michiel´s work refers to a stuttering man who could only speak without stuttering when he took his breath carefully. In his work he uses little balloons. Some kids could assist him in putting their breath in these balloons.
Another highlight of the week was the visit of the traditional pottery FORTUNA in Palmela. There the visual artists have learned how handcrafted vases, dishes and tiles are made. Finally, they painted tiles themselves. These tiles will be eternalized on a wall at Teatro O Bando.
On next Thursday, 24th June 2010, all the artistic installations will be shown for the first time at the exhibition opening at 19:30 at Teatro O Bando in Palmela, Portugal.



Hello From

Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality - 3rd P11+ Youth Encounter in Dresden/Germany
26. January 2013 | Sven


Young people from UK, Italy and Finland are travelling to Dresden, Germany on Saturday 26th January as part of the third ever Platform 11+ International Youth Encounter. They will be participating in collaborative, cross-art form workshops run by Artists from 5 European Theatre companies and will be working towards sharing their ideas with the local community in Germany. Feb1st there will be a public presentation of the workshops. Thanks a million to the German partners Gymnasium Bürgerwiese and tjg-dresden!

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