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Active and Attractive! Ladies from Tallinn!

07. January 2010 | dirk

We are theatreclass students from Tallinn’s No. 32 Secondary School between ages 16-17. We are active, atractive and one of a kind.

Little bit about us:
Kerli: I’m simple dark-haired schoolgirl who likes to dream. I think that people should be happy over every small things and I belive that in life is absolutely everyting possible!
Evelin: I’m the girl who loves to think positively. I’m described as sociable and trustworthy and that I absolutely am. But chiefly I love any kind of arts (and yes, that includes reading books) and eating.
Eliisa: Cheerful, kind, friendly, absent-minded, vivacious and laughs a lot. I understand humanity. I’m emotional. Like to do several things at the same time and to do ’em well. I dislike loneliness.
Toomas: I’m a big wag and really good-humored guy. Love acting and the lake in back of my house. I’m a very good friend, amiable companion and supermate.
Eghert-Sören: I have always smile on my mouth. One of my biggest love is dancing and after that singing under the shower!

Our school has very different sides and many opportunities in high school. People in our school are peculiar, interesting and that’s why our activities are very interesting.

Our country, Estonia, is small. But we have a beautiful national language which is Estonian. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and in Tallinn there is what to see (wonderful Old Town). Population in Estonia is 1.3 million and the President of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who always wears bow-tie and our President is very loved by Estonians. The temperature amplitude in year is quite high for people from South it could be a real disaster- plus 30 centigrade in summer and in winters it can be minus 25 centigrade. In winters we eat ripen black puddings and sauetkraut and in summer we visit grandparents and on the 21. of june we celebrate our national holiday St John’s Day or so called midsummer night. We are also developing as a e- country, and we still can suprise everyone.

So be good and we are haveing a lot of fun on project Platform 11+ and we all hope to see You in Tallinn;)

Bye and tace care
Well Come To Estonia:)



Hello From

Social Networks – Virtual Meets Reality - 3rd P11+ Youth Encounter in Dresden/Germany
26. January 2013 | Sven


Young people from UK, Italy and Finland are travelling to Dresden, Germany on Saturday 26th January as part of the third ever Platform 11+ International Youth Encounter. They will be participating in collaborative, cross-art form workshops run by Artists from 5 European Theatre companies and will be working towards sharing their ideas with the local community in Germany. Feb1st there will be a public presentation of the workshops. Thanks a million to the German partners Gymnasium Bürgerwiese and tjg-dresden!

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